Vision and Mission


The School seeks to establish an environment on the campus conductive to an enjoyable teaching & learning atmosphere. By embracing a rich life together, teachers & students work in partnership to mutually encourage each other & instil the spirit a life-long learning.


The School is committed in providing high quality value based education to all its students, to develop their higher order thinking skills & wholesome personality. As a caring community, the School aims at enabling the students to become responsible citizens & make positive contribution to the local & global community through their selfless service. The School’s motto of Love, Respect, Diligence & Honesty embodies the school’s ethos.


Education at Amrita Vidyalayam is founded on belief in the essential worth & unlimited capacity of every student. It strives for mastery of academic content with the development of intelligence habits and social skills necessary for success at any age. The commitment is demonstrated by encouraging students to develop a sense of self discipline in their work & play and be life long learners. Under the guidance & blessings of our Sadguru Shri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, we instil spiritual values in our students.