Academics Overview

We have a set of highly motivated teachers & so at all levels, the academic content is researched, trained, tested & proved and found to be a success. Our academic content at every level is age appropriate. There is an increased teacher accountability during the preschool & kindergarten level. We have understood that the single most important factor at that level is determining the student’s achievement is the teacher. Thus all the support is provided by our staff in helping our students learn.

In the rest of the classes of the various levels, standards-based education guides the students and our curriculum is designed to help the students academic progression through the various grades. For better results, we provide extra coaching to achievers & remedial classes to weak performers. We engage the students in various playway methods & reach them through innovation. Movement integration s an innovative, interdisciplinary method & helps in improving test scores in core subjects like mathematics and science at the elementary level.

At the high school, secondary & higher secondary level our curriculum is designed to promote higher achievement, lower dropout rates, lower rates of indiscipline, positive feelings towards self and community, more participation in school activities. Thus we aim not only at marks but at making them responsible social individuals.

Our curriculum aims at promoting successful, enthusiastic & inspirational teaching & learning. Our school strives to develop student’s potential with multi-intelligence & creativity and foster students self discipline and enhance language proficiency. We seek to maximise the student’s progress by providing equal opportunities for learning, through a wide variety of experiences that will develop their knowledge, skills and character.

Unique Features

Value Based Education

“Imparting values to young minds!”

The Amrita Vidyalayam teaching framework promotes value-based education for the improvement of the personal, social, moral, and economic well-being of young minds. The curious little learners are methodically trained to become empowered to take responsibility for their learning. Some of the values that we emphasize are empathy, compassion, gratitude, optimism, self-discipline, perseverance, patriotism, forgiveness, and cooperation. These are the values that lay a strong foundation for the bright future of the students were they are the responsible citizens of our country. It is also the core of the school’s collective vision.

Smart Class Enabled Campus

“Education aided by technology is a lethal combination if used for the right reason and vision”

Smart class is an innovative methodology that aims at transforming the teaching techniques from a traditional method of chalk & talk to a very interesting, interactive & two- way communication which makes learning more interesting and effective for the students. AV has introduced smart boards and smart learning equipment from PRE-KG to Higher Secondary school. Teacher training programs are regularly conducted to keep our teachers well versed with the latest developments in teaching & also to pep- up their creativity for the effective use of technology to train young minds.