The Advent of Holistic learning

Preschool provides diversified and innovative learning experiences to cater to different & unique capabilities ingrained in our little ones. We, at AV, at this stage, provide an informal learning practice through a play-way method involving the use of kid-friendly specially designed teaching aids. This methodology of teaching has a proven track record to inculcate an ever-lasting curiosity in the tiny tots. As a positive effect on this, the little ones respond enthusiastically and keep learning while playing and interacting with peers/instructors.

Preschool is the first step which needs to transform into formal schooling smoothly and AV makes sure that this transition from informal learning at home to formal and disciplined learning at school becomes easy & butter- smooth for its kindergarten students who learn the alphabets and numbers through phonetics and music in an enjoyable atmosphere using interactive and multimedia techniques. The learning process is child-centric, activity-based, and imparted by playful methods to develop confidence, social skills, verbal abilities, and motor skills in children.